Writing is from the heart….

Over at Lisa-Jo's it’s time to write.

We call it Five Minute Friday. Where everyone writes for five, unedited minutes all on the same prompt. This week, that prompt is the challenge itself, the dare, the scary.

This week’s prompt is “WRITE.”

When I sit down to write, it's as if the flood gates of my heart spring open, releasing thoughts and dreams coming from the deepest, most intimate part of my heart….It's as if my mind becomes free and my heart takes over, pouring out thoughts and desires that have been kept silent for far to long.

Writing is where I share the real me, with the hurts, the tears, the good times and the bad; it's where putting words onto paper helps me to sort out where my heart really is. It's a sort of release, writing is; a way of clearing my heart and mind and making room for what God may be trying to show me.

There are times when writing is the only way I can sort out my thoughts and feelings; it's a gift from God to be able to articulate what he's been teaching me along the way. My writing is a way to share with others where I'm at; where I hurt, and when I want to rejoice…and I pray that, most of all, my writing would be a gift to all who read.


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  1. This is so beautiful. And I totally understand what you mean. When I write, I feel like the deepest things come out. Things I might not really realize are hidden there in the folds:) I am so glad I read your post today:) Thank you for writing.

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