The Glue that holds me together



On the days when life is dark and so very very hard; and on the days when the sun is bright and filled with life;


When the trials are so heavy that I can barely stand, and when I'm overwhelmed by his goodness to me time and time again….


When I don't understand what he's doing and why it has to hurt so bad, and when I trust him to know what's best for me and what's for his glory and my good;


It's in all of these things that Jesus is the glue that holds me together, and without Him I would surely fall.


It's time for five-minute-Friday with the lovely Lisa-Jo. Today's word prompt is: glue


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  1. Beautiful post! So thankful for a Savior that holds me together. Happy Good Friday! Stopping by from Lisa Jo’s link up! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Kel Rohlf says:

    Patty- How true…Jesus is the glue that keeps me together, too! Thanks for admitting that some days are dark…even with the hope of Spring, I have had some dark days inside my soul. It’s good to know I’m not alone! Kel from FMF

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