Joy truly comes in the morning….


As I look back over the past two years, it's easy for me to see the pain and turmoil that marked our lives and our home,


and I well remember the many many tears that have been shed due to broken hearts and a lack of understanding why things had to happen this way.


I well remember the times I pleaded with God to stop the pain and to please take away this trial, fearful that I'd be crushed under the weight of it all.


I easily remember the months where depression whipped me around relentlessly, and the days when I could barely get out of bed.



But God, in His kindness, has begun to show me that there's now a different side to the story…..


A side that's marked with joy and healing, and the peace that passes all understanding.



You see, as I was participating in worship yesterday at church, we sang a song declaring that what God completes is completely done,


And there was a line which said, “the old is gone, the new has come”;


and though I've sang this song numerous times before, this time was different….



As I sang those words, it was as if God was saying to me that the “old” home I lived in is gone, but our new home has “come”;


and that though the sadness is still very real and the circumstances long from gone, God has replaced the tears and the ever present sorrow with His peace; his unexplainable, hard to fathom, amazing peace.



There are now more smiles in our home than there are tears, and there's a joy that's come from experiencing first hand that God is truly good.


I can't begin to express the gratitude that I feel over all that God's done, over how he's turned ashes into beauty; but I will never cease to praise Him and tell of His works all the days of my life!


** Today I am linking up with the lovely Ann Voskamp as we count his many gifts….


….beauty for ashes

…the love of my Savior

…sunshine on a brisk October morning

…hugs from my babies, first thing in the morning

…leaves of many colors

…the privilege of worshipping with fellow believers

…the unconditional, faithful love of my man

…God's Word

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  1. Melissa Terry says:

    Thank you for sharing! I am amazed daily how God takes simple things in life to speak his message to us. Music is one of my favorite parts of worship. God has sent me a message through song many times.

    • tara says:

      Today is Nov.26,2013
      And for the pass few days a joyous feeling continues to come over on me. My circumstance has not changed
      But I realize that God is changing me, I can not explain this Joy and I truly don’t want it to end..So I sat down here at my computer and just started to look for answers as to how,why what is this all about ,I can not fully explain it It is something that one can only experience for themselves. I know that blessing beyond my wildest dreams are coming and God has prepared me for them, a pure heart, no bitterness,resentment,hate, towards anyone, I am falling in LOVE with God all over again. I can relate to every word you spoke of at one time I was there also, And how I cried for God to change my situation , He didn’t He’s changing me.. Thank you Jesus for the CHANGE and the PEACE, and the unspeakable JOY.. God bless you and your Family ..Tara

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