JOY is a choice


Through two years of heartache and pain, depression has whipped me to and fro, robbing me of life as I once knew it to be;


I have cried more tears than I ever thought I could, and I've felt helpless, hopeless, and weak.


I've longed and cried for God to lift this heaviness from me, to make me whole and happy once again;


and I've wondered time and time again how I ever ended up like this.


Through the tears and the sorrow, there's one precious truth that my sweet Heavenly Father has taught me, and this I know….


Joy is a choice….


It's not a feeling, based on circumstances, or on how I might feel today;


and it's not a strength that comes only to those who are never weak or frail.


No. Joy is a choice, one that I am choosing to make.


It's found in knowing my Father to be faithful and true, in knowing that He's good–all the time–and that his love for me will never, ever fail.


My joy isn't dependent on today or on what tomorrow may bring; no, my joy is found in tasting and seeing that my God, He is good.


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  1. Kara says:

    I love how you remind me this morning that Joy is a choice and only one that I can make. Thank you for your words this morning!
    Kara recently posted…joyMy Profile

  2. It’s definitely a choice we all make, I also believe it’s a true feeling when we are walking in Christ. God gives us joy no matter what we are enduring. I am learning that every day.
    Rachel Wright recently posted…Finding My IdentityMy Profile

  3. Laura Ehlers says:

    This is so true. No one, not even God, can make you happy. You must find and make your own happiness. To my belief, God is here to share our joy and support us and help us to find the strength to manage our trouble. Life is just a learning process.
    Laura Ehlers recently posted…A Slight Deviation from NormalMy Profile

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