Whole 30 – Day 4




Well, we’re coming to the end of Day 4 of my Whole 30, and to be honest, I’m glad this day is almost over.

food-wise, today was rough.  Nothing sounded good to me, and everything I couldn’t have sounded great to me.  Not a good combination, let me tell you.

heres what I had for meals today:

breakfast: nothing.  I had a busy morning and forgot all about eating, and when I realized that I hadn’t eaten, nothing sounded good, so I decided to wait until lunch.

lunch: leftover chicken primevera from Tuesday nights dinner; it was actually better the second time around!

dinner: the last of the chicken primavera.  Yes, I ate the same meal twice today, and I’m okay with that. 😀

That’s pretty much it for today; nothing to exciting to share.  But hey, tomorrow’s day 5, which means there’s only 25 days to go!

Whole 30 – Day 3

Well, to say that day 3 was a tough one would be putting it mildly.

i mean seriously, there was a battle going on in my mind ALL. DAY. LONG.

i wanted sugar, and I wanted it BAD.

i am shocked at how most of my food struggle is mental.  When I think of how good I feel when I eat whole, unprocessed foods, I am pumped and motivated to rock this Whole 30;

but on the other hand, when I focus on what I think I’m missing out on, such as sugar and processed food, I feel sad and deprived.





As i as I was reading a post yesterday by Dallis Hartwig, the creator of the Whole 30 program, I loved the above quote that he shared!

i seriously want and need to change the way I look at food, and to learn to see that I am worth  making healthy food choices.

food should not and does not need to control me, nor does it have a right to dominate my thoughts.

i am amazed at how much I’m learning this time around with the W30; I think my first round must’ve been so focused on getting through it that I didn’t really focus on what was happening in my thoughts and in my body.

here’s what I ate yesterday:

breakfast: a bowl of fruit, made up of strawberries, fresh pineapple, and banana.

lunch: taco salad

snack: baby carrots

dinner: salmon fried in grass fed butter, and a baked potato.

in case you haven’t noticed, I have a salmon theme going on this week. It’s quick and easy to prepare, and very healthy, so it’s become my go-to meal when I’m in a hurry or don’t know what else to have.

That pretty much sums up day 3; here’s hoping that day 4 is easier. 😁

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